Most people have no idea what a clarity enhanced diamond is, and lose out on a great opportunity. Most people think they can't afford to get engaged, but, now they can. Clarity enhanced diamonds are natural earth mined diamonds that were treated to enhance there individual beauty. For example: A diamond that was originally an i1 in clarity is brought to an SI2, but you pay the price of an i1 diamond! 

Clarity enhancement: When a dedicated lab takes a diamond with some feathers and fills it with a special mixture to make the imperfections transparent to the naked eye.  

The up part: An individual on a budget can get a much larger diamond than they anticipated on getting.  

The downside: You can't expose a clarity enhanced diamond to a fire over 500 degrees and you can't soak it in acid.  So if your not a scientist and do not work in a circus these diamonds will work well for you.  

If you decide to ever go to a jeweler to have your ring cleaned and own a clarity enhanced diamond I strongly advise you to let your jeweler know that your diamond is enhanced. A lot of well qualified jewelers can't tell the difference.